Among the Orcs, feats of skill and agility with cumbersome weapons are respected as a sign of power. Some orcs of the Thunderlord clan have taken to applying their prowess with weighted axe-throwing to wartime use.

General InformationEdit

Axe-Thrower can be Trained from The Thunderlord's Barracks, and are the Main Ranged Unit in the Thunderlord's Clan, and can receive weapon & armor Upgrades.


  • Gold450
  • Food1
  • Tree50


  • Orc Heart60
  • OrcArmour1
  • OrcRange7-7

Abilities / Upgrades

  • OrcRangeEnhanced ranged Weapons.
  • OrcArmourEnhanced Armour.


Axethrower large

Axe-Thrower as he appears in DOC

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