The Clerics of Northshire Abbey are dedicated to serving the Light, even during the times of War. they will heal the Wounded soldiers, and contribute their spirtiual energies to the King's cause.

General InformationEdit

Clerics can be Trained from The Church, and are the Main Supporting Unit in the Azerothian Army, and can receive Spell Upgrades.


  • Gold700
  • Food1


  • Human Heart40
  • Mana60
  • HumanArmour0
  • Holylance5-5

Spells / Upgrades

  • HolylanceShoots a Damaging Holy lance at an enemy target.
  • HealHeals a friendly target for a set amount of hit points.
  • HolyvisionReveals an un-seen part of the map.
  • Invisibilitymakes the caster or a friendly target invisible temporarily.


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