Conjurers are seers of mystery, holders of secrets, and dwellers in dream. They are practitioners of the arcane arts, having learned through researching the ancient tomes to bend the forces of nature to do their will. They can make the energies of nature strike down opponents, summon forth great creatures or command the elements. Conjurers are capable of summoning Scorpions and water elementals to serve them. Unlike the Wizards and Mages of Dalaran, who focused on various aspects of the arcane arts, the conjurers were concerned primarily with elemental and summoning magics

General InformationEdit

Conjurers can be Trained from The Arcane Tower, and are the Main Spell Casting Unit in the Azerothian Army, and can receive Spell Upgrades.


  • Gold900
  • Food1


  • Human Heart40
  • Mana50
  • HumanArmour0
  • Magic6-6

Spells / Upgrades

  • Elemental Blast Blasts enemy Target with Elemental Bolts for a set amount of damage.
  • Rain of FireCalls forth the essence of fire and delivers it through massive thunderheads of vapor and brimstone, and will cause damage to any foes and buildings in its sphere of influence.
  • Water ElementalSummons a fearsome Water Elemental under the Command of the Conjurer.
  • ScorpionSummons a poisonous scorpion under the Command of the Conjurer.