The most jealously-guarded secret of the Shadow Council is the arcane ritual for the summoning of beings from the Twisting Nether. These muscular Daemons leave a trail of broken corpses and fiery destruction in their wake. The energy required for the Warlocks to trap these creatures in the mortal plane is so exhausting that they may only linger for a short time.

General InformationEdit

Omajorsummon iconDaemon can be summoned by the Orcish Warlocks, it's considered as the most ultimate Spell a Warlock can cast, and due it's powerful essence, the Daemon can be Controlled for a short amount of time.


  • Orc Heart300
  • OrcArmour3
  • OrcAttack Melee70-76


Daemon large

Daemon as it appears in DOC

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