Magus Medivh is the son of the Guardian Aegwynn and the conjurer Nilas Aran, and is the last Guardian of Tirisfal.







The Order of Tirisfal, The Burning Legion


Guardian of Tirisfal


Targeted for Treason


Archmage, Guardian


Nilas Aran(Father), Aegwynn(Mother)




Anduin Lothar, Llane Wrynn


when Aegwynn was still pregnant of Medivh, Sargeras possessed and corrupted him, but after she gave birth to him she left him to the care of his father, during his childhood he became friends with the King's son Prince Llane Wrynn and Anduin Lothar, the trio shared many adventurers across the kingdom, until medivh started to have nightmares, and that was the beginning of the Chaos, when he reached puberty he went into a deep coma that lasted for many long years. and that's where Sargeras Spirit had awoken and drove Medivh insane. after he woke up from the coma, Medivh made the Tower of Karazhan his home, later, the Kirin Tor sent a young mage to apprentice under Medivh's hands, they call this apprentice Khadgar and he quickly started to like him, during this time, Medivh became more and more insane and all he wanted now is to destroy the Humans of Azeroth, thanks to Sargeras Dark influence of course, then he contacted the Warlock Gul'dan and showed him the lands of Azeroth for the Orcs to Conquer and he opened the Dark portal with his help and so the invasion began, Khadgar discoverd this and quicly informed the King and Anduin Lothar, and now Medivh is waiting to face his ultimate fate : execution.

appearance in DOCEdit

Medivh will be killable during the assault on his tower of Karazhan.

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