Necrolytes are a class of magic users that use necromantic magic, these binders of souls command the black powers that hold control over the earth. Linked into the dominions of the lower planes, Necrolytes have power over all things dark and evil, including the raising of fallen warriors to create armies of the undead. Through ceremonies performed at their Temples, they learn to warp the essence of shadow to use for their advantage

General InformationEdit

5256 Necrolyte can be Trained from The Orcish Temple, and are the Main Supporting Unit in the Orcish Horde, and can receive Spell Upgrades.


  • Gold700
  • Food1


  • Orc Heart40
  • Mana60
  • OrcArmour0
  • ShadowSpear5-5

Spells / Upgrades

  • ShadowSpearSends a shadowy spear of Evil energy into an enemy target that deals a set amount of damage.
  • RaiseDeadRaises a nearby dead units to fight under the command of the Necrolyte.
  • DarkVisionReveals an un-seen part of the map.
  • UnholyArmourmakes the caster or a friendly target invulnerable to attacks temporarily but at cost of hit points.


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