The Bleeding Hollow values strength, courage, and cunning in battle above all else. Those Orcs who possess little of any of these virtues are held in such low regard that they often live out their lives performing the most menial of tasks.

General InformationEdit

Thrall can be Trained from The Bleeding Hollow's Great hall, and can Repair buildings, however they can't attack and will run away if attacked.


  • Gold400
  • Food1


  • Orc Heart40
  • OrcArmourN/A
  • OrcAttack MeleeN/A

Abilities / Upgrades

  • OrcBuildBrings up a list of the available buildings that you may choose to construct.
  • OrcArmourTakes Shelter when Danger occurs.
  • GatherMines gold from gold mines and harvests Wood from trees.


Thrall large

Thrall as he appears in DOC

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