Trebuchet is the ultimate machine of war, it brings fiery death to all who stand in its way. Capable of destroying any target in its range, the projectile from a Trebuchet can smash the toughest of defenses, or through the sides of buildings. This behemoth is large, slow, and difficult to maneuver, but the power that it holds makes it an essential part of the Azerothian Army.

General InformationEdit

Trebuchet can be built from The Barracks, and are the Main Seige Unit in the Azerothian Army, and can receive weapon Upgrades.


  • Gold900
  • Tree200


  • Human Heart120
  • HumanArmour2
  • Catapult150-159

Abilities / Upgrades

  • CatapultFlak Fillings.


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