This is a list of Units that will appear in Warcraft: Dawn of Chaos. it consists of Humans of Azeroth, The Orcs of Draenor, the Outlaws and the Blood Guards.

AzerothsymbolKingdom of AzerothEdit

AzerothflagThe Azerothian ArmyEdit

Brotherhoodflag4The Brotherhood of the HorseEdit

NorthshireflagThe Northshire ProtectorateEdit

HordeskullThe Orcish HordeEdit

BlackrockFlagThe Blackrock ClanEdit

BleedingHollowflagThe Bleeding Hollow ClanEdit

ThunderlordflagThe Thunderlord ClanEdit

OutlawsflagThe OutlawsEdit

The Deadwind Marauders (Playable in Multiplayer)Edit

  • Slave (Labourer)
  • Marauder (Melee)
  • Brigand (Ranged)
  • Rogue (Cavalry)
  • Chirurgeon (Healer)
  • Illusionist (Caster)
  • Ballista (Siege Engine)

BloodguradflagBlood GuardEdit

BlacktoothgrinflagThe Black Tooth Grin Clan (Playable in Multiplayer)Edit

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