Westwood (AKA Westfall) is beautiful and green region of rolling pastures and farms, lies on the Westren Cost of Azeroth, Westwood is a rich agricultural center with many farms and fields, and home to the Biggest Goldmine in the Region which is the Main gold-production center in human lands.

Land GeographyEdit

Westwood is considerd the breadbasket of The Kingdom of Azeroth, The land has the mild temperatures of Elywnn, but winds batter it both from the sea and from eastern Elywnn, Westwood Homes most of the Nation's Farmers and Herders who work daily to on their Lush Fields and taking care of their Cattles. it also Homes the Kingdom's Major Gold-resource and the Towns of Moonbrook and Sentinel Hill Acadamy.

Notable SettlementsEdit

Westwood contains two major human settlements

Wild creaturesEdit

  • Boars
  • Crabs
  • Sharks
  • Bears
  • Coyotes



Westwood (AKA Westfall) as it appears in DOC

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